BUMEX/BURINEX (Bumetanide)

BUMEX/BURINEX (Bumetanide)

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What is this medication?

BUMEX/BURINEX (Bumetanide)
Antihypertensive, Loop Diuretic

Brand Name in US: Bumex
Canadian Equivalent: Burinex

Bumetanide is indicated for the treatment of edema secondary to heart failure or hepatic or renal disease.

BUMEX/BURINEX (Bumetanide) is a loop diuretic that can cause electrolyte depletion which will require medical supervision to monitor for hypokalemia.

How does this medication work? 

BUMEX/BURINEX (Bumetanide) interferes with reabsorption of sodium and chloride in the ascending loop of Henle and proximal renal tubule by interfering with renal cAMP and the sodium-potassium ATPase pump.  This results in the excretion of water, sodium, chloride, magnesium and other electrolytes and hence diuresis.

How should I take this medication? 

Oral: Take 0.5mg to 1mg once daily.

How to Take: Take with or without food.

What should I watch for while using this medication? 

Before starting BUMEX/BURINEX (Bumetanide), make sure your physician is aware of any allergies or medications you currently take.  Bumetanide can cause profound diuresis and subsequently electrolyte loss leading to hypokalemia and possible cardiac arrhythmias.  Nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity have been reported with the Bumetanide usage.

What if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose of medication, try to take it as soon as possible. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, take only that scheduled dose. Do not take double or extra doses.

How should I store this medication?

Keep out of the reach of children at all times. Store at room temperature, 59 to 86° F (15 to 30° C). Protect from light. Keep the container tightly closed. Properly dispose of any unused medication after the expiration date.

What are the possible side effects of using this medication?

Hyperuricemia, hypochloremia, hypokalemia, azotemia, dizziness, hyponatremia, hyperglycemia, phosphorus change, muscle cramps.

Note this is not a complete list of side effects for BUMEX/BURINEX (Bumetanide), only common ones.